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5 women in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria talk about their first experience receiving flowers

A few years back, flowers were a novelty that many Nigerians had only seen in movies or read about in books, and the idea of receiving flowers felt quite foreign to us.

Flowers are not just a gift given to women but also a symbol of love, affection, and romance, and have been used as gifts since ancient times and are considered to be one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts in the world.

 This week we asked women across Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria to share their first experience receiving flowers as gifts from their partners, friends, and other loved ones. 

 Oyindamola 25years Old, Lagos State

I received my first bouquet of flowers during my final year in Unilag, after defending my project. It was on a Thursday, my flatmate knocked on my bedroom door to tell me flowers had arrived with my name on them.

They were from my boyfriend and they came with a card that made me cry, not because of the message in particular, but because somehow it came in the nick of time and really touched me. 

I was overwhelmed by the whole moment and didn’t know how to handle it. You can never ever go wrong with flowers.


Azeezat, 33years old,  Abuja

I had recently relocated to Abuja from the United States and was down in the dumps, having had my fair share of ‘breakfast’, from a Yoruba demon, when my house help came into my room with a bouquet of  colourful flowers, a medium-sized plush teddy bear, chocolates and a funny note that came in for me.

 It was a few minutes short of 12AM which was surprising. Apparently, there’s an online flower store that opens 24/7 in Abuja. They came from my best friend in Canada who I was speaking to on the phone at that exact moment, ranting about my unfortunate situation. 

Despite feeling lonely, the sheer purity of that gesture not only blew me away but also showed me there was love around me in other forms and I just knew I was going to be alright

 * Breakfast is a typical Nigerian slang phrase used when someone’s heart has been broken

* Yoruba Demon is a common Nigerian phrase for a handsome, smooth-talking, and well-dressed Yoruba man who is a playboy 


Lade, 29years old, Lagos State

I was in the car with a ‘toaster’ (now boyfriend) as well as one of my friends. I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw flower videos about a flower and gift store based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I showed my friend and we laughed as we wondered how anyone would send a Nigerian babe flowers instead of money. Two days later, I received a call saying I had a delivery outside. It was a box of flowers and a note! I cried like a baby, as it was surprisingly the sweetest thing ever.

My friend also received her first bouquet of flowers some months after and we have since agreed that it’s a nice feeling and we were just broke babes hating them. 

* toaster is Nigerian slang for wooing a lady


Iretioluwa 45 ABUJA

The first time I received flowers was after my appendectomy surgery. It made me cry because it felt like reassurance from my husband.

I can never physically thank him enough for that but I will live the rest of my life knowing how safe and special his actions made and still make me feel whenever he sends me flowers.


Chinwendu 28 LAGOS

My first ever bouquet of flowers was at work from an admirer. They were so pretty that I kept them on my desk for days as they were a pleasure to see, not only for the sentimental value of being my first bouquet of flowers but also for the thought that went into getting them. 

I texted him immediately after I received it and told him if he wasn’t careful, he might just become a full-fledged outstanding boyfriend….A little secret? We have been dating for 18 months now!


What was your own experience receiving flowers?

Due to popular demand, we are making this a series, so send us your experience receiving flowers anywhere in the world, to [email protected]

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