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5 Reasons Why Guys Give Girls Flowers

Chivalry isn’t dead, and men are typically known to give women flowers, while women are typically known to receive flowers. Or so the saying goes. But what does it mean when a man gives a woman flowers, and why exactly do men send women flowers? 

There are various reasons, from sentimental reasons to surprising ones. As a woman, you might also want to know the meaning behind the various flowers.

In this post, we would explore 5 top reasons why men give women flowers. Enjoy


To Create A Good Impression

A man or any other person for that matter, can never make a first impression twice. So it’s usually great to put the first foot forward from the start, and sending fresh flowers to her is a great way to do that.

While some send red roses, others prefer to have colourful fun flowers delivered to her home or office, especially if her friends or colleagues would be there, as that is sometimes a great way to get people rooting for you.

To Express Interest

As we all know, flowers have different meanings, and a gentleman often sends a lady flowers to express his interest in her, whether romantic or platonic. Flowers can be sent to a lady for various reasons to mark anniversaries, to express his love or admiration for her, or just to let her know she is in his thoughts.

It’s always a great idea to include a message when sending flowers so she knows what you mean, or you could decide to make it mysterious and keep her guessing by not including one. Be sure she doesn’t think it is from someone else though, as someone out there would be getting a thank you instead.


Flowers are traditionally sent to a wife, girlfriend, or mother on days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, as well as a great way to Welcome Home a wife or girlfriend. 

Flowers are also usually presented to a lady by a man as part of the social etiquette in some events, such as taking a lady on a date, after a formal dance, or even a theater performance.


Platonic Reasons

Flowers are also given by guys to their female friends for various platonic reasons and occasions such as Graduation Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

A man can often give his female colleague flowers for their birthday gift, a promotion at work etcetera.

It is however important to note that different flowers have varying meanings and this should inform the type of flowers given. For instance, colourful flowers such as mixed chrysanthemums or yellow roses rather than red roses can be given to avoid misinterpretation, and it’s often a great idea to include a congratulatory message too.


Because They Deserve Them

It’s great to find a reason to send flowers to a wife, girlfriend, or just friend, but sometimes, you don’t need a reason to buy flowers for her as, no reason, is also a good reason. Appreciating or brightening her day, just because you want, to is ALWAYS a good gesture in itself.  

Flowers are a great way to appreciate or brighten anyone’s day, and make them feel special or appreciated. So send her flowers, Just Because.

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