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5 Things To Look Out For When Buying Flowers In Lagos

Buying flowers for your loved ones in Lagos will always be a special way to show affection or friendship, and is a universal language understood by all. The last thing you want to do is ruin that occasion by either gifting them unattractive flowers or patronizing an online flower shop in Lagos with poor service. 

So it’s important to find an online flower shop in Lagos that can meet your needs and expectations. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions on how to choose the right flower shop in Lagos, whether you’re placing an order online or walking into a physical store. 

  1. Are They Middle Men Or Local Florists? 
  2. Online Presence and Reviews
  3. Varieties of flowers and gifts
  4. Swift Delivery
  5. Budget

  1. Are They Middle Men Or Local Florists? 

So you have decided to buy flowers online, what’s next? Start by ensuring that you are patronizing a local florist’s website, not a website acting as a middle man. 

This is because, asides from their prices often being higher, they typically pass on the order to a local florist in Lagos who can do it cheapest, often with low-quality flowers, to increase their profit.

Local florists in Lagos who receive an order directly, are often more invested in the outcome and are not just driven by profit.


  1. Online Presence and Reviews

It’s always a great idea to check if the online flower shop you want to patronize has a good social media presence. It’s also necessary to keep an eye out for reviews to make sure they have a positive reputation and people are satisfied with their products and services. 

Checking for reviews can help you decide whether or not to buy from them. If there’s little to no online presence, it is almost always a reflection of who they are, so you should not only question the fabric of such flower shops but also stay away. 


  1. Varieties of flowers and gifts

Flowers symbolize a variety of feelings. Whether you want to show affection, gratitude, or even condolence, it’s important to get flowers and gifts that are great for the occasion and make the recipient feel your intention. 

It’s often a great idea to patronize an online flower shop that not only has flowers but also has a variety of gifts such as chocolates, cakes and cupcakes, teddy bears, champagne, gift sets, and perfumes that can be sent with the flowers to your loved ones in Lagos, in order to reinforce your message.


  1. Swift Delivery

Your rule of thumb when buying fresh flowers online in Lagos should be swift delivery time, which you can also garner from their past reviews. 

A great online flower stop in Lagos must offer a value proposition of same-day delivery service or delivery at stick time. Keep in mind though, that Lagos is a traffic-prone city, so where possible, place your order on time to allow the florists to deliver on time. 


  1. Budget

The budget is one of the considerations when buying flowers for a loved one in Lagos, although it is worth keeping in mind, that flowers are a luxury item, which admittedly adds to their allure, and are typically imported into Lagos, Nigeria, and thus pricey.

In addition, it is worth noting that there are various grades of flowers and thus quality is a very key aspect when choosing premium flowers, as you wouldn’t want to compromise on quality when sending them to your loved ones.


The tips above should get you started on your flower shopping experience in Lagos. Armed with these simple guidelines, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands and will be able to pick out the best flowers for your loved ones in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Hopefully, we’ve helped to improve your next flower-buying experience online. Have we missed anything? What tips would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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I wouldn’t consider myself a debtor and I usually paid previous rents relatively promptly. Since we moved to the new place however, she always gave constant reminders once the rent was almost due and insisted it be paid on the exact date. Two years ago she also informed me that the landlord (who lived abroad) wanted the yearly rent 2 months early for some urgent reason, and we managed to meet the request, which didn’t stop ‘the landlord’ from increasing our rent the following year.

While searching her phone recently to retrieve some important numbers to my new phone, I couldn’t help noticing a text message from the agent confirming he had recently forwarded my rent to her account, less his commission! What do I do? While we have the typical ups and downs of any marriage, our marriage could nevertheless be described as blissful. -My Landlord, My Wife

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I usually bring along a can of Coke as part of my lunch, and put this in the fridge in the shared office kitchen beside the office area.
For the past few weeks however, I always meet the Coke can empty whenever I am ready to have lunch. I initially figured it’s only a can of Coke afterall, and even found it funny, especially as the culprit always puts the empty can right back in the fridge.
However, it is now getting on my nerves as no one seems to know anything about it, it is starting to become a distraction, and is also making me look foolish.
My amateur detective moves have included randomly going to the kitchen and adjoining toilet, covertly watching my co-workers, listening intently to sounds from the kitchen area etc, all to no avail.  -The Case of the Missing Coke

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