Dear Lara, I visited home and witnessed something I shouldn’t have

Question: During a quick visit home from my nearby university in Lagos, Nigeria, I walked in on my parents in the kitchen, in what I would call, a very embarrassing position, involving, some ice cream and a banana.
My reflex reaction was to immediately retreat and head back to the school hostel, and I haven’t been back home in the weeks following the incident.
While my dad has stoicly kept silent since then, my mum however, has been unsuccessfully trying to reach me for weeks.

I am no child, but don’t know how to face them after this, and I fear the longer I put it off, the worse it would get, especially as I have now run out of pocket money. -Going Bananas

Answer: I guess you now know why there always seemed to be ice cream and fruits in the house when growing up, and would probably not look at ice cream and bananas the same way again. There is no way to ‘unwitness’ this, unfortunately, and your parents are assuredly as embarrassed as you are after that practical biology lesson you unwittingly witnessed.

However, you need to file this away as one of those topics that never need to be brought up again, and go ahead and bite the bullet by giving your mum and possibly your dad a casual call.

A final lesson to be learn’t here though is that, if someday, you find yourself and your partner reaching for some ice cream and bananas in future, always make sure the doors are locked, even if those pesky kids are all grown and out of the house.


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