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Dear Lara, My wife’s gynaecologist is way too handsome

QuestionMy company provides excellent free health care benefits to it’s staff and family, and my newly pregnant wife has been seeing the gynaecologist at the company approved hospital for about two months now.

During my latest on-shore stay – I am often at sea – I accompanied my wife to the gynaecologist for the first time, and while he seemed quite professional and knowledgeable, he’s way too handsome for comfort, a tall, light-skinned half-caste man with blue eyes and a polished British accent to boot!

I normally consider myself a confident, secure man, and I trust my wife, but I can’t shake the thought that this ‘Adonis’ of a man, would be looking intimately at every aspect of my wife’s private innards in my absence, out of my mind.

Would it be reasonable to tell her to change her gynaecologist, even though he has done nothing wrong (that I know of), and even though I would have to pay a pricey sum for it instead? – Too cute for comfort

AnswerI can understand your fears, but you need to put a damper on your imagination. Since you say you trust your wife, and you haven’t noticed anything untoward, you need to practice the trust you claim to have, and can even tease good-naturedly and joke about this with your wife.

Your wife is an adult who chose you, walked down the aisle with you, and decided to start a family and have a baby with you. Many more temptations would come the way of your marriage, and while you might be able to, albeit at some financial cost to you, remove this temptation from her path in this instance, you would not always be able to shepherd and prevent her from meeting even more handsome men in future, especially as you admitted you are often away.

For what it’s worth, what you see as a blessing, might very well be a curse to the poor gynaecologist, who despite his skill and professionalism in his chosen career, is probably frustrated at losing business and getting discriminated against by insecure husbands, for no other reason than the fact that he is ‘too handsome’.

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