Here’s What Happened When 5 Ladies Sent Fresh Flowers Secretly To Their Male Friends

This recent Christmas we picked 5 female winners of the Secret Santa on our Instagram page, but there was a twist. The gifts were not to be sent to them, remember, ‘Secret Santa’, but to any male friend of their choosing in Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria.

The five men, going about their daily routines, each received an unexpected surprise: a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of Moet Champagne, and a box of chocolates.

We later spoke to the ladies and compiled the outcomes together with their reactions when we delivered them. Read On.


The first man, a young lawyer named Tunde, was ecstatic when he received the flowers. He had just finished a long and gruelling case at the courthouse and the bright, colourful petals were exactly what he needed to lift his spirits. “I can’t believe someone would go out of their way to do something so thoughtful for me,” Tunde said, smiling as he placed the bouquet of flowers on his desk.


The second man, a businessman named Hassan, was equally pleased when he received the fresh flowers. “I must admit, I was a bit sceptical at first,” he said. “But these are beautiful. It’s always nice to receive a thoughtful gift, especially when it’s unexpected.”

The third man, a university student named Chuka, was pleasantly surprised when he saw the bouquet of flowers, “I have no idea who could have sent these to me,” he said, as he grilled our delivery man repeatedly asking who it was from, examining the bouquet with a mix of curiosity and gratitude. “But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ll just enjoy them and be grateful.”


The fourth man, a government worker named Bola, was a bit more reserved when he received the fresh flowers. “I’m not sure what to make of this,” he said, eyeing the bouquet warily. “I don’t have any romantic interests at the moment, so I’m not sure who could have sent these.” Despite his initial hesitation, Bola eventually came around and admitted that the flowers were a nice gesture.


The fifth man, a writer named Femi, was the most skeptical of all when he received the fresh flowers. “I’m flattered, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s some ulterior motive at play here,” he said, eyeing the bouquet with suspicion. “Who knows what kind of strings might be attached?” Despite his reservations, Femi eventually decided to accept the flowers and enjoy them for what they were: a kind and thoughtful gesture.


Each of the five men found themselves pondering the identity of the person who had sent them the flowers. Tunde wondered if it was a client thanking him for his hard work. Hassan speculated that it might be a business associate trying to curry favor. Chuka wondered if it was a secret admirer. Bola and Femi both considered the possibility that it was a prank, but eventually dismissed the thought.

We later reached out to the ladies, and it turned out three of the men correctly guessed it was from them and called them to say ‘Thank You’.

One of the other two men called us to ask who it was from after he had apparently thanked the wrong lady, oops! We couldn’t reveal her identity, but the lady later told him. 

As for the last man, he still doesn’t know who sent it, as the lady told us she has a huge crush on him but he doesn’t know and she wouldn’t want him to know that she sent him flowers and gifts.

That’s it. It was a whole lot of fun for us and we are already looking forward to doing another set of Secret Santa this Valentines’ Day.


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