Million Stars

Also called Baby’s Breath, Gypsophila, or simply Gyps, million stars are often a great adornment to fresh flower bouquets. They can be dyed in various colours and are most popular in white.

Gypsophila is the world’s most iconic wedding flower, known for its voluminous, cloud-like texture, ethereal aura, and rich symbolism. Million Stars are also appropriate flowers for celebrating baby showers and newborn babies.

Each and every flower has its own symbolic meaning and value, the millions of stars flowers have several meanings such as Everlasting Love, Innocence, Self Discipline, Honesty, and Pureness of heart.

There is something simply beautiful and alluring in this flower, because of its small petals and gentle fragrance. These flowers look beautiful in flower arrangements and can be gifted to anyone you will like to appreciate.

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