Ferrero Rocher Luxury Chocolates – 200g, 375g or 600g . . . select size


Ferrero Rocher chocolate

Size Available: 600g Large


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Ferrero Rocher creamy chocolates are one-of-a-kind, quality confections. They are a tempting combination of luscious chocolaty filling surrounding a whole hazelnut within a delicate, crisp wafer; all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. From its prestigious heritage comes Ferrero Rocher, a unique and irresistible praline with a creamy rich filling, a crisp wrapper and a deliciously crunchy whole hazelnut centre that is individually wrapped in an elegant golden foil.

Ferrero Rocher adds that extra-sparkle to special occasion and also brings with it all the Italian flair for passion, style and care making it a perfect Golden Gift for Golden Moments.