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THE WORLD’S FIRST-EVER CHAMPAGNE SPECIFICALLY CREATED TO BE ENJOYED ON ICE! Moet & Chandon introduces Moet Ice Imperial, the world’s first ever champagne specifically created to be enjoyed over ice. A blend developed from the House’s signature crus, to intensify the taste experience of icy freshness and powerful aromas of tropical fruits. Moet & Chandon invents an innovative champagne blend for daytime celebrations in chic and sunny international hotspots.

Moet Ice Imperial reflects a new frontier in champagne, delivering the new sensations of crisp freshness and powerful tropical fruit aromas, and offering a UNIQUE, FUN-FILLED EXPERIENCE for chic, sunny and exclusive social gatherings. Moet Ice Imperial is to be served in large clear cabernet-style glasses that enhance the freshness experience. It can also be garnished with mint leaves, a slice of cucumber, or white grapefruit zest according to taste preference.