Sweetest Devotion – 3 or 4 Color mix of Roses (Red, White, Fuschia, Baby Pink etc) with Folded Leaves and Filler Leaves . . . select size


Available in 3 sizes

Small (15 roses), Medium (25 roses), Large(50 roses)


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Sweetest Devotion- 3 or 4 colour mix of roses – red, white, fuschial, baby pink etc with folded leaves and filler leaves+++
Total price:   93500


A mixture of 3 or 4 rose colors with folded leaves and filler leaves in a heart shaped base. Actual colors used might differ from pictures based on availability. Possible colors include Red, White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Yellow, Purple roses etc

  • Order online now, or call 07011992888 or 07010006665 to order.
  • We will work to your budget, desired colors, flower types etc.
  • You can order now and get it delivered up to a year later.
  • We reserve the right to interchange comparable product based on availability

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