Flowers are fast becoming an integral part of Nigeria’s gifting culture, but their cost can be quite high. This is often a surprise to many, as flowers are typically known to be relatively affordable in some countries. So why are flowers in Nigeria expensive? 

This is a question many clients ask most florists in Nigeria. “Why are fresh flowers expensive in Nigeria?” There are a variety of factors that contribute to the high price of flowers in the country. 


Cost of Cold Storage Transportation

First, there is the cost of cold storage transportation. In Nigeria, flowers must be kept in a cold place throughout their journey from the farm to the florist. This process requires special handling and equipment to ensure a safe journey and the preservation of the flowers’ beauty and freshness. All of these costs associated with cold storage transportation are partly responsible for the expensive price of flowers in Nigeria.


High Loss Rate During Transportation

Second is the high rate of loss that occurs during the flower-exporting and transportation process. Apparently, after being carefully arranged and packaged by professional florists, these beautiful blooms often find themselves on a long journey that involves a long list of stops and transfers. 

Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of the product, flowers tend to take a bit of a beating along the way. This can range from broken stems, blackheads, or sometimes even wilting in transit. What does this mean? Well, it means that we often must pay high prices for the lucky few flowers that make it to their final destination.


High Foreign Exchange Rates

Third, there is the cost of the dollar. Since Nigeria is not a major producer of flowers, most flowers are imported. This means that the cost of the flowers will be affected by the exchange rate of the dollar. 

With the rising cost of the dollar, it’s no surprise that flowers have become increasingly expensive in Nigeria over the last few years. In Nigeria, the Naira is poorer in comparison to the US dollar. As such, when the US dollar goes up, so do  imported items, such as flowers. 


Increase in Farm Prices During Festive Periods

Fourth, Valentine’s Day is an important celebration in Nigeria, as it is elsewhere in the world, and flowers are an important part of the festivities. However, in Nigeria, flowers can be especially expensive during this period, often due to the increased global demand. When the demand for flowers increases globally, the prices of flowers go up to meet the increased demand.


Cost of Refrigeration and Constant Electricity

Another reason is the cost of constant refrigeration. Flowers are perishable and need to be kept in a cool environment to stay fresh and vibrant. especially in a tropical climate like Nigeria’s. The high humidity and warm temperatures make it nearly impossible to store unrefrigerated flowers; therefore, the refrigeration  process is very necessary to ensure a longer shelf life and better flower quality. 

However, this requires a huge amount of electricity, which can drive up electricity bills significantly. In Nigeria, the cost of electricity is already very high, meaning that running a fridge for prolonged periods of time can be a real financial burden, especially for businesses with large spaces devoted to floral refrigeration.


Cost of Importation

Last but not least important, is the cost of importation. Importing flowers into Nigeria is incredibly expensive, primarily due to the high cost of transportation and constant refrigeration along the entire supply chain. The prices of flowers in the market are affected by the costs of shipping them from other countries, as well as taxes and fees charged for importing them to Nigeria.


All these factors and more contribute to the high prices of flowers we often see in Nigeria. So, the next time you’re inclined to note the high prices of flowers, keep in mind some of these factors, as they have a direct impact on the price of flowers. 

Having said that, most florists have bouquets to suit various budgets, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of these beautiful blooms either for yourself, or to make someone feel special.

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